Thursday, 25 July 2013

Nomad Surf Store

My longboards are are now available over at Nomad Surf Store.
Ciaran is one of the few people that i would trust to sell my surfboards. he has been a good friend for a long time, he knows his longboards and really cares about pairing surfers up with the right equipment. we have worked together to bring you four of my most refined, forward thinking longboards. 

Nomad are only selling boards built here in the UK and design by some of our countries leading shapers.

head over and have a look.

here is how Ciaran describes the store.

The NOMAD SURF STORE is simple...We only stock performance and traditional longboards, it's our passion and it's what we do best. You will only find the very best handmade surfboards produced right here in the United Kingdom. Made by established craftsmen who ride, refine andproduce their own unique designs.  Visit the site, what you see is what is in stock and available right now. Order your board and it will be professionally packed and delivered to you, fully insured within 48 hours. Handmade, well considerd surfboards from the finest shapers and surfersin the land and all the kit to go with it. If you care about what's under your feetcheck us out. If you're not sure or need help, please get in touch and have a chat weare only too happy to offer help and information regarding your new board.
Laters, C.

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