Sunday, 2 October 2011

Lumus feedback

Well it's been a long time but finally I'm able to report on the Lumus. After a few complications with the leg I'm getting back to fitness and  able to surf pretty much normally again.

I've now surfed the board in a fairly wide range of conditions over the last few weeks ranging from completely awful where the Lumus made the most of what was available to really decent French beach break at about 4 foot...absolutely great!
The board paddles and catches stuff well, accelerates quickly and makes it's way easily past flat/weak sections but still holds a line on steeper faces. When there is some power in the wave she flies...a real speed machine! Turns - not something I'm renowned for doing too many of - are smooth and effortless and the board is encouraging me to surf in different ways. Plus with a somewhat different shape, great glass job, resin tint and bamboo fins it's a real head turner and raising a fair bit of interest.

Surfed it again last night in fairly chunky onshore conditions. Even on the bigger drops the board was solid and comfortable when I thought the wider tail might move around a bit. On the odd waves that held up a bit the board really gets up and goes...we get a lot of second rate waves up here so something that makes the most of anything is important to me fir a fun session!

I'm extremely pleased I went for the Lumus...finally a smaller board that I'm really enjoying riding and not tempted to drift back to my big boards...may even be tempted by a sub 6 foot one sometime?

Many thanks for a great board and great service!

Best Regards, Roger