Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Feedback for Nick after his recent trip.

7'2" custom 2+1

I love this board! Tipping the balance between a shortboard and mid-length, I was a little concerned it felt too small when paddling out for the first time on a big day (being 6'4" and 14-odd stone), but it then proceeded to easily paddle into good size, powerful waves, and feel really comfortable in such conditions. On smaller / mid size days too, the board goes great, picking up waves you might otherwise miss with the extra length, but not compromising on maneuverability. I love the arcing turns you can do with the rounded pin and fin setup.

I took the board to Panama, where I got to try it out in some hollower waves, and the thing goes great in the barrel, locking in nicely with the rounded pin. You can draw some nice lines too, going as minimal as you like in trim, or pushing it pretty vertical, the tail holds in and the rails are nice and responsive. I've been riding it with a 7" centre and FCS GX sides, which carve beautifully, but I'm yet to experiment with different fin setups. So it's an ideal travel board, and something to ride on the overhead days here, but don't underestimate it's potential in smaller waves too.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


John Eldridge bottom turning the Drity Pin.

The Spectro

Spectro rework
White opaque free lapped laminate 

I've redesign the Spectro adding the best qualities of the Lumus four fin Bonzer that i have been riding for the past two years. This board is designed for freedom, precision, and control with high speed, full rail, carving turns, and sharp pivotal snaps in powerful surf form head high upwards. it takes over from where the extra planing area of the Lumus becomes unnecessary due to the additional wave speed and energy. The forward section retains the same hull profile, that is blended into the Bonzer concaves that run out through the tail. The fins are slightly revised version of the Lumus four fin bonzer set up that has proven so successful. it has the good wave catching and low speed planing of the Lumus but the plan shape is narrower and straighter and the board draws a beautiful line in powerful surf retaining the light responsive feel of the Lumus with ultimate Drive and control. 

Both the Spectro and the Lumus are boards that have totally changed the way the i think about surfing and what a surfboard can be capable of. The ultimate goal for me as a shaper is to give the surfer the tools for total freedom of expression on the wave with as little restriction from the board as possible. These boards come very close to that goal. The feelings of speed, freedom, response and control are difficult to describe but i guess for me it is how a surfboard should feel but few seldom do.

Sunday, 4 March 2012