Sunday, 13 November 2011

Super 6 for Alex

New shape for Alex
 Scooped nose Hull up front, down rail with spiral vee in the tail

Some words from Alex "The Super 6 design is a Transitional Displacement Hull. The idea was to create a board with hull characteristics with modern short board turning control under the back foot. Its a lively board to ride either as a single fin or with the added side bite options. The single fin an inch up from the back of the box will give the board a loose feel, you can engage the rail more on the turns and maintain loads of speed. When the waves are steeper, the side bites (all set in a line - moving the single fin up further) will tighten up the back of the board and stop it sliding out. Thickness distribution plays a big part in the board, its almost 3" thick under your chest for moving around quickly in the line up and paddling in early, this volume then quickly tapers out to the rails and down towards the tail. Also, the foam in the nose is taken out to enable you to drop the entire length of the rail into the turn, on more pivotal turns, it feels light and responsive.  Its a board that takes a bit of time to figure out, constantly shifting your weight and feet around to connect turns, more weight forward to feel the hull and increase speed, weight back for snappy turns back into the pocket."