Sunday, 30 January 2011

Still cold


I love shaping and the interaction with and variety of people, places and waves that i build for.
On Thursday i shaped a 9'8" Vulcan for Steve in Fife, a 6'1" high energy short board heading to Peru with Jackson of Finisterre and 5'4" Lumus for Chris up the road in Newlyn East.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Test Flight for my new Lumus

Board: Lumus 6'0"
Burnt orange pigment with white spot.
Glassed on fins, wet sanded finish.

Average waves can be fun with good equipment.
Surfed a fading swell at Godrevy on Sunday with good friend Nick Radford and new friend Dan Crockett. Good fun all round.

Thank you to Mel of Splashography for sending the photos over.
If you surf in Cornwall he'll probably have a picture of you.
Take a look at his site here and keep and eye out for him on the beach.

Alaia for Alexa

In the Autumn i was fortunate enough to be asked to shape an Alaia for Alexa.
wood is a wonderful material to work with.
Thanks for the photos Alexa.
you can see her blog here

chilly up north

It takes a good deal of dedication to surf through the winter in Yorkshire.
cheers for the picks Joe.