Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Friday, 15 March 2013

Spectro Ride Report

Hi Steve, 

Today I had what was probably as good a session as it gets up here on the Spectro. Solid head high, not a breath of wind so mirror-glass conditions, spring low tide, shallow, punchy, hollow beach break surf.

I felt instantly at home on the board. Paddles well (possibly a touch better than the Lumus) and can pick up waves with ease. Not much adjustment needed in the takeoff other than an extra split-second to be sure I'm moving down the face before popping up. 

I actually suprised myself with a few late drops, one of them a bit of an air-drop going front side as the lip pitched early. Felt amazing as the fins connected on the steep face. Couple of pretty late backside drops too, definitely assisted by the narrower nose. 

Up and riding it's got all of the good bits about the Lumus, projection, flow and speed, but a little more refined overall and a slightly more lively/agile feel. The fins seem to offer the perfect mix of drive, control and looseness and I think the smaller size works really well. 

Duck diving is also a touch easier than the Lumus, which I wasn't expecting as it's got slightly more volume. Makes sense I guess as there is less nose to sink. Anyway was grateful for it today and made the paddle out that little bit easier. 

Overall I think we got the sizing spot on and it's the perfect compliment to the Lumus for exactly the sort of surf we had today. I feel like I can jump on either board with minimal adjustment needed. Super-stoked.....again! 

Many thanks Steve,