Thursday, 26 November 2009


My quiver,

9'8" Mode Single fin
7'7" #9 quad
7'0" asymmetric bi-fin
7'0" Prophet bonzer
6'5" channel bottom twinzer
6'2" Diablo quad
6'1" V-fish keel

how twinzers work

I found this image while looking back through rusty's C5 experiments. it's the best visual illustration i have seen of how the lead fin in a twinzer set-up eases the water flow over the main fin allowing a steeper angle of attack. The practical result of this is a twin fin that can be surfed much harder with less fin failure. fin failure is usually caused by the water flow breaking away from the fin which would normally result in the tail of the board skipping out.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

3rd in Carve's shaper poll!

I'm stoked that i got mention in the best young shaper category!
thanks to everyone that voted.