Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Sneaky-long

Here is Alex's review of his new shape

8.0 aka sneaky-long:
8' x 22' diamond tail, bladed out rails, s-deck, 8.5 hull flex fin
The 8.0 is influenced by the late 60s period when longboards started to come down in size opening up a whole new way of riding the face of a wave. In partiular, Bob McTavish and Wayne Lynch were experimenting with a template called the 'fantastic plastic machine', thin rails, roll to vee on the bottom and a George Greenough flex fin. Its a really diverse board to ride, paddles like a longboard, gets in nice and early and cuts a lovely trim. Set with an 8.5 hull flex fairly high up the box and bladed out rails, it has multiple turning characteristics; powerful full rail arcing turns from the shoulder back into the pocket through to more tweaky quick snap from the boards hips. In 4ft plus stuff, its feels solid, reliable and super fast, smaller waves, treat it like log and sneak out some cheater 5s...

1 comment:

  1. I have been riding something similiar in 8'0 for a while now. slightly rounder nose and more pin tail, but it just hoovers up even the tiniest of swells. Sadly the poor glassing means it is close to its end, are you doing further shapes like this, and if so - how much ?